Screen Engine is the leader of content research in the entertainment industry powered by one of the industry’s largest audience benchmark databases.

We work with studios, networks, and creators to improve the viewing and financial performance of content using our unique mix of in-person methods and proprietary digital testing software.

Our Solutions

We help creators maximize the results from the content they produce by engaging real audiences at every stage of the creative process, from the pre-greenlight Capability stage to the post production Playability stage, and through the distribution Marketability & Buzzability stages.

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Capability Exploration

Capability exploration measures the viability of an idea and its elements pre-greenlight or in pre-production.

Playability Screenings

Playability screenings informs and identifies how emotionally engaging the content is and the level of positivity of its word-of-mouth.

Marketability Testing

Marketability testing identifies the most responsive audience(s) and the most persuasive marketing messaging to build interest and urgency.

Buzzability Measurements

Buzzability measurements identifies urgency, volatility, and positivity levels of viewer word of mouth as well as other influencers.

Syndicated & Custom Solutions

In addition to our content-based solutions, we have a broad set of other syndicated and custom solutions to better understand the evolving media marketplace.


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Screen Engine Brands

Serving the entertainment, media, gaming & other industries, our premiere testing facility in So. Cal. includes a total of 6 flex-space focus group rooms & two 48- seat amphitheaters with client viewing areas. Each theater is equipped with our proprietary ViewTrac™ real-time dial-system, 2 adjacent breakout rooms, and has audience biometric testing capability.

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TicktBox is a world class digital marketing, ticketing, and online streaming platform. As a global leader in integrated marketing solutions, we provide powerful solutions for some of the world’s top entertainment brands within the Fortune 500.

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The award-winning London-based division is a custom market research agency known for its expertise in segmentation, consumer decision journeys, market sizing and proposition testing, and more.

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Coherency is a marketing insights agency that uses breakthrough research techniques to help brands solve business challenges by deciphering the emotional logic that drives consumer behavior.

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Screen Play focuses exclusively on kid’s, YA, and family research. From concept to execution, Screen Play is dedicated to helping our clients create and distribute compelling content that resonates with today’s young audiences.

View More is the leading online destination for advance movie screenings and events. Gofobo provides moviegoers exclusive access to early advance screenings, world premieres, entertainment related content, and Verified Movie Ratings.

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In-theater or online recruited audience screenings test all measures of playability and positive word-of-mouth intent among a representative sample of potential moviegoers.

A unique insight community that allows our clients to get feedback quickly and interact on a continual basis with specifically recruited members using a wide variety of research tools.

A groundbreaking virtual screening research platform that recreates the live/in-theater experience in either a synchronous or asynchronous online environment with best-in-class security.

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An innovative new approach, where research data at scale is directly matched with behavioral data to produce more effective audience targets.

We have a rich history working for and with leading content producers catering to global, multi-country, U.S. Hispanics and Latin American audiences develop the best content and strategic position in the market.

A syndicated in-theater exit polling service and joint venture with ComScore that has become the industry standard for capturing movie-goers responses to all wide-release films.

Awareness and Intent to View tracking of film and tv titles through their entire lifecycle, creating a comprehensive understanding of both unaided and aided awareness of pre-release movies four weeks prior to their release.

A quarterly worldwide consumer study that provides insight into the complete entertainment ecosystem, including new and emerging entertainment technology.

Provides invaluable content feedback from Movie and TV Critics as well as Entertainment Journalists.

Provides weekly viewer insights on original movie premieres on Premium Video-On-Demand, Early Electronic Sell Thru/digital purchase, or Subscription Video-On-Demand.

Our Live Audience Script Read Testing provides studios, production companies, filmmakers, and script writers with valuable content capability and playability insights to optimize a script before the camera starts rolling.

Guiding our clients through every step of the gaming development lifecycle, we cover a broad range of platforms (e.g., PC, console, mobile) and genres. We understand the needs of gamers and dentify and contextualize the latest trends within gaming, including what’s next.

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