We are a team
of media
and entertainment
market researchers.
We specialize in testing
all forms of content.
We have unparalleled
breadth and depth
of experience.
We partner with our clients
from pre-greenlight through
all distribution windows.
We believe that all content,
if made and marketed for the right price,
should make money.


At SE/ASI, we operate within a strategic content-solution architecture built out into what we call our ‘abilities’.

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Capability research measures the viability of an idea and its elements pre-greenlight or in pre-production.


Playability research informs and identifies how emotionally engaging the content is and the level of positivity of its word-of-mouth.


Marketability research identifies the most responsive audience(s) and the most persuasive marketing messaging to build interest and urgency.


Buzzability research identifies urgency, volatility, and positivity levels of viewer word of mouth as well as other influencers.

Other Syndicated & Custom Solutions

In addition to our content-based solutions, we have a broad set of other syndicated and custom solutions to better understand the evolving media marketplace.


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Amazing to receive such incredible client feedback! Thank you Caren Thompson of United Artists Releasing. We feel exactly the same!!

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