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POV Newsletter: On the Trail of the “It” Generation (May 2024)

The irresistible and elusive Gen Z continues to be the darling of the research, marketing, and branding worlds. Irresistible since, based on Intelligence Node data, as of 2023, Gen Z occupies 40% of the worldwide consumer population; projected disposable income, well over $360 billion. Elusive because their attitudes and trends are ever-expanding and ever-shifting. The focus here throughout is on exploring what fuels Gen Z and how this goes on to affect their utilization of entertainment and media.

Matt Austin of SE/ASI’s Tapestry Research Recognized as Rising Star at the ADWANTED Media Research Awards 2024

Matt Austin's acknowledgment as a Rising Star at the ADWANTED Media Research Awards 2024 reflects his significant contributions to Tapestry Research, a division of Screen Engine/ASI. Austin's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in reshaping media research, solidifying Tapestry's reputation as a leader in the field.

Screen Engine Marks 14 Year Milestone

Screen Engine recently observed its 14th anniversary, a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence and resilience in the face of challenges.

Holly Leff-Pressman, Screen Engine/ASI Chief Client Engagement Officer participates in an online panel of 5 influential female executives.

Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine, recently participated as a panelist at the TVOT CONNECT event. Representing Screen Engine among top female executives, she explored the latest trends in the advanced-TV industry. Her insights, rooted in extensive experience, highlighted Screen Engine's leadership in media innovation and offered valuable perspectives on the sector's evolving dynamics. Holly's contribution was a testament to her influential role in guiding the future of television.


SCREEN ENGINE, a global leader in entertainment research and content testing, has been honored this month with the American Cinematheque’s prestigious Power of Cinema Award in conjunction with its CEO, founder, and entertainment research veteran KEVIN GOETZ.

Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE Tour: Celebrating Unity and Diversity Within the Black and LGBTQI+ Communities

Screen Engine/ASI partnered with BET on a custom research study among Renaissance World Tour concertgoers to understand the cultural and economic influence Beyoncé holds, especially among the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Screen Engine/ASI CEO, Kevin Goetz joins Sean McNulty on The Ankler podcast to discuss the latest high-stakes game at the cinema.

On a recent episode of The Anker podcast, Kevin Goetz, CEO of Screen Engine/ASI, and Sean McNulty delve into the currents shaping today's cinema. With his unique position at the forefront of audience research and test screenings, Kevin provides a unique perspective on the latest trends and preferences that are defining the holiday movie season.

Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine/ASI on Talk Back to TelevisionHolly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine/ASI no

Talk Back to Television welcomes industry veteran Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine/ASI LLC. Holly has had an astonishing career in media and entertainment, with gigs at Nielsen, NBC Universal, Universal Studios, and Viacom’s In Demand. And with that background, Holly has words of wisdom for today’s “Television” industry.


In the world of entertainment, the journey from concept to blockbuster success can be a winding and unpredictable road. Sometimes, a property that seems like an unlikely candidate for the big screen can become a groundbreaking hit that captivates audiences worldwide. This fascinating transformation is precisely what we'll explore today as we delve into the making of the Barbie movie, a remarkable success story that reshaped the DNA of a beloved childhood toy and turned it into a cinematic triumph. Our CEO and founder of Screen Engine/ASI and Don’t Kill the Messenger podcast host, Kevin Goetz, sat down with Robbie Brenner, one of the producers of the summer movie-hit Barbie. With over two decades of experience in the film industry and a recent promotion to the role of President of Mattel Films, Robbie Brenner brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the conversation.

Screen Engine/ASI’s Kevin Goetz Defines ‘Elevated Cinema’ at TheGrill 2023

At TheGrill 2023, Screen Engine/ASI's CEO Kevin Goetz delved into the concept of 'Elevated Cinema,' discussing its crucial role in the current theatrical landscape. His insights highlighted the growing divide in movie experiences and emphasized the importance of exceptional content in attracting audiences to theaters.

Carlye Nealon and Erin Friend recognized at Cynopsis Rising Star Ceremony.

Screen Engine/ASI proudly announces that team members Carlye Nealon and Erin Friend were honored as Rising Stars at the Cynopsis Best of the Best & Rising Star Awards 2023 in NYC.

Screen Engine/ASI’s VP of Content & Marketing Research, Sararuth Delice, presents at the 2023 Creators Summit.

This year's Creators Summit 2023 in Washington D.C. was an inspiring day filled with networking, and career advancement opportunities for creative women of color hosted by The Color Vision. We’re so proud of Sararuth Delice, VP of Content & Marketing Research at Screen Engine/ASI, for moderating "Talk to Me Nice: The Art of Networking" and for her work as the organization's President and Advisory Board member. Also in attendance was SE/ASI's Ari Virgil-Paige, Executive Vice President & Moderator, The Movie Group.

Job Opening: Marketing Scientist

Screen Engine/ASI Announces Job Opening for a Marketing Scientist in their Coherency division

Screen Engine/ASI’s premier audience testing facility- Engineworks.

engineworks™️ by Screen Engine/ASI - our top-tier audience testing facility equipped with cutting-edge research spaces. Catering to diverse testing methodologies, our facility is endorsed by top industry professionals, ensuring versatile and comprehensive research solutions for every need.

Colan Neese is Welcomed to Screen Engine/ASI

Colan Neese joins Screen Engine/ASI as Senior Vice President-Gaming Business Development, bringing over a decade of expertise from the gaming, tech, and media sectors. Known for pioneering research and measurement strategies, Colan has been instrumental in shaping the gaming industry's landscape.

Carlye Nealon and Erin Friend of Screen Engine/ASI Named Cynopsis Rising Stars 2023

Screen Engine/ASI celebrates as Carlye Nealon (Director, TVG - Screenplay) and Erin Friend (Sr. Manager, TVG - Content) receive the prestigious Cynopsis Rising Stars 2023 award in NYC.

A Thank You to SE/ASI 2023 Summer Interns

Reflecting on the contributions of our 2023 Summer Interns, they are a group of talented individuals, hailing from diverse academic backgrounds and interests, and have worked diligently alongside our teams, offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Their contributions have left a mark on several key projects, and their time at Screen Engine/ASI will be fondly remembered. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each intern for their commitment this season as they move forward in their academic and professional journeys.

Chief Operating Officer, Bob Levin Celebrates 10 year Anniversary at Screen Engine/ASI

Celebrating a milestone at Screen Engine/ASI as we honor a decade of exceptional leadership and dedication from our President and COO, Bob Levin. A decade marked by innovation, commitment, and unparalleled growth.

Summer Box Office 2023: Screen Engine/ASI’s Role in Steering the Course

Screen Engine/ASI Leads the Charge in Data-Driven Cinema Evaluation for Summer 2023's Big Screen Showdowns.

Multichannel News Awards Screen Engine/ASI’s Chief Client Engagement Officer Holly Leff-Pressman Wonder Women Los Angeles 2023  

Screen Engine/ASI, a leading global market research and data analytics firm, is proud to announce that Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer, has been honored by Multichannel News at their annual Wonder Women Los Angeles 2023 Awards ceremony.