engineworksTM, our premiere research facility, offers a turnkey platform to conduct flawless content testing in a controlled and secure environment with turnaround as fast as same-day with weekend testing also available. Conducting research at engineworksTM is cost effective as it provides integrated quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


engineworksTM features two 48 dial-equiped seat theaters, each with two adjacent breakout focus group rooms.


The seats in both theaters are equipped with handheld dials backed by ViewTracTM, our own proprietary dial system providing a detailed read on real-time audience response.The handheld dial also features a keypad to administer survey questions in real-time.

Client Areas

Each 20+ seat client area features an expansive 180 degree view into the theater. The adjacent theater breakout focus group rooms also have client viewing areas.

Focus Group Rooms

Six focus group rooms allow multiple set-ups from traditional table sets to living room and kids’ environments.


The engineworks™ Media Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art biometric capabilities allowing us to provide insights as we capture respondents’ galvanic skin response (GSR) to assess emotional reactions; track their eye position and movement to assess visual attention; and track their facial expressions to recognize emotions and expressions.