A Multipurpose Facility for all of
Your Audience Testing Needs

Serving the entertainment, media, gaming and other industries as well, our premiere testing facility, engineworks™, offers a turnkey, flexible platform to conduct flawless testing in a controlled and secure environment with a variety of offerings and quantitative and/or qualitative testing methodologies. Our facility is cost effective and our study turnaround is as fast as same-day with weekend testing also available.


engineworksTM features two 48-seat theaters, each with two adjacent breakout focus group rooms. In addition to traditional uses for visual content, the theaters can also be used for podcast testing, gameplay and usability testing, live viewing sessions, and more.


The seats in both theaters are equipped with handheld dials backed by ViewTracTM, our own proprietary dial system providing a detailed read on real-time audience response.The handheld dial also features a keypad to administer survey questions in real-time.

Client Areas

Each 20+ seat client area features an expansive 180-degree view into the theater. Services in the client areas include live dial feedback screens, free wi-fi, snacks, beverages, meal service, and more.

Focus Group Rooms

Six focus group rooms with client viewing areas, can be used for qualitative, marketing, positioning, or behavior studies on any brand, product, service, or content/IP and each room allows for multiple set-ups from traditional table sets to living room and children options.

Kids Testing

Screen Engine/ASI has vast experience testing kids, tween, & YA content. We approach kids’ research with the respondent in mind and recognize the way kids of all ages react to surveys and focus groups is very different from the way that adults respond, therefore their research experience should also be different.


Our media lab is well-equipped including state-of-the-art biometric capabilities to access the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of people while they engage with entertainment and technology.

Audio Testing

In addition to our visual content testing, we also offer audio-only content testing including podcast and audiobook testing. Using our moment-to-moment live dial feedback system, we are able to gauge engagement and interest levels at precise moments during your content.

Gaming Studies

engineworks™ offers UX/UI, playtesting research, and usability testing in a large, dedicated venue at the scale you desire. We strive to help our clients gauge customer feedback at all stages of development, whether that be pre-alpha or post-release, in one convenient and secure location.