A Global Leader in Digital Entertainment & Video Game Research

Screen Engine/ASI has led hundreds of projects for the largest brands in gaming and entertainment. Our research is designed to help clients every step of the way from concept ideation through post launch.

Our work covers a broad range of platforms (e.g., PC, console, mobile) and genres which allows us to understand the needs of gamers as well as identify and contextualize the latest trends within gaming, including what’s next.

Checkpoint, a Screen Engine/ASI gaming group, is made up of passionate researchers and gamers providing a breadth of gaming expertise. We understand gamers because we are gamers.

What We Do

How We Do It

Guiding our clients through every step of the gaming development lifecycle

  • Genre Exploration & Competitive Analysis
  • Market Sizing & Audience Segmentation
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Brand Assessment & White Space Identification
  • Brand & Title Tracking
  • Early Concept Ideation & Refinement
  • Concept Evaluation & Feature Prioritization
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Art Asset Evaluation
  • Narrative Testing
  • Audience Sentiment Analysis
  • Playtesting/Gameplay Optimization
  • Customer Identification, Profiling, & Targeting
  • Marketing/Positioning Evaluation & Refinement
  • Creative Testing
  • Launch Strategy
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Brand/Title/Audience
  • Sentiment Tracking
  • Post-Launch Content Testing
  • Product Maintenance/Repositioning

Our Facility

Located in Valley Village, EngineWorks is a state-of-the-art qualitative facility with the ability to do a variety of quick-turn, affordable research, including:

UX/UI & Playtesting Research
New media lab with biometrics
Two theaters that seat N=48 each equipped with dials
Six focus group rooms

Live Dial Testing

Screen Engine/ASI utilizes our proprietary dial technology to collect feedback on a variety of gaming content including gameplay trailers, press conferences at major gaming events (e.g., E3, PlayStation Experience, Xbox Game Showcase, etc.), early cinematic game footage, etc. in addition to testing interest and viewership engagement in story modes from narrative games and live streams.

Gamers are recruited to participate in live viewing sessions and turn their dials positive or negative depending on their level of engagement with the content/announcements, followed by short surveys and focus groups.

This allows us to capture their second-by-second feedback in real-time, along with quantitative and qualitative insights, which provide unbiased feedback on the event that day.

Gameplay & Usability Testing

Thanks to our EngineWorks facility, Screen Engine/ASI has the capacity to conduct gameplay and usability testing in a large, dedicated venue.

With six focus group rooms plus two 48-seat theatres, we can conduct gameplay and usability testing at the scale you desire.

We strive to help our clients gauge customer feedback at all stages of development, whether that be pre-alpha or post-release, in one convenient and secure location.

Meet the Team

Cross Platform & Gaming

Our Game Team consists of some of the best and brightest researchers from across the industry, each leveraging their love for gaming and years of research expertise to provide creative and compelling insights and solutions for our clients.
COLAN NEESE Senior Vice President For over a decade, Colan has worked in a variety of roles that placed him at the intersection of gaming, tech, and media. He is renowned for architecting innovative research and measurement strategies to drive bottom-line business results. Prior to joining Screen Engine/ASI, Colan was Head of Global Gaming at Alida, Vice President of Business Development at Spiketrap/Reddit and spent five years at Twitch where he led North America ad sales research and measurement.
RYUNG KIM Executive Director Ryung has nearly a decade of market research experience with a strong emphasis on problem solving and complex custom work. She previously led an international project management team at Toluna servicing clients from a wide range of industries including P&G, Amazon, and WB. Ryung is a casual gamer and has leveraged her experience for clients including Square Enix, Blizzard, and Sega. Ryung started her research career in Seoul where she focused on issues addressing APAC markets.
JENNIFER PARK Director Jennifer has over seven years of market research experience, specializing in the entertainment and technology sectors. She has extensive background in ad and concept testing, brand tracking, positioning, exit polls, and focus groups, as well as online community-based market research and previously worked at MarketCast and Fuel Cycle.
LEXIE ASATANI Research Analyst Lexie is a former SEASI intern turned Research Analyst working as a member of the gaming pod. Her primary focus is on qualitative research including focus groups, IDIs, dial testing, and playtesting – for entertainment and gaming clients. Lexie received a bachelor’s in Marketing from California State University, Long Beach.

“In gaming, it is critical to identify how developers and publishers can capture the mindshare of players and keep them engaged in their titles and ecosystems indefinitely. At Screen Engine/ASI, we understand the broad shifts happening within the media, gaming, and entertainment landscapes, and pride ourselves in providing solutions and guidance to these complex questions, through best-in-class research and consulting.”

– Colan Neese, Senior Vice President