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Screen Engine/ASI has vast experience testing kids, tween, & young adult content both online and in-person. We currently work with all major kids’ networks on a variety of content testing, viewing behavior, positioning, and concept-level research. With more content being produced than ever before, it is crucial to understand which content resonates most with kids today.

Our qualitative approach paired with quantitative online solutions can help our clients succeed in creating and distributing compelling content in the marketplace that resonates with today’s kids.

Our Customized Approach

We approach kids’ research with the respondent in mind. We recognize the way kids of all ages react to surveys and focus groups is very different from the way that adults respond, therefore their research experience should also be different.

Kids are naturally inclined to be more positive and less critical when evaluating new content because of their limited experiences with providing constructive feedback.

For example, in our preschool research, we understand the value of bringing parents into the mix as “translators” for their younger children’s reactions.

We’ve established best practices for kids’ research to account for their developing critical thinking skills, as well as shortened attention spans and multi-screen distractions while maintaining solid data integrity and diagnostic results that our clients need for making informed business decisions.

How Great Content Grows Up

Maximize your content’s market potential by testing with Screen Play™ by Screen Engine/ASI

Congratulations on your exciting new content!

Throughout its development, you have opportunities to nurture and encourage your bundle of big ideas to be the best it can be. And Screen Play™ by Screen Engine/ASI is here to help.

Capability Assessment

You’re probably excited to pick out a name and get your new addition in front of audiences, but these early days are critical for development.

At the very early stages of development, Capability Testing can…

  • Help you understand the target audience’s perceptions of the IP/concept/current materials before content creation even begins
  • Gauge how different elements and layers of information influence interest (or “lift potential”)


At this point, your content is ready for the emotional highs and lows of play dates.

Playability Testing…

  • Informs and identifies how emotionally engaging the content is and the likelihood for success over time
  • Online surveys, focus groups, and in-person testing allow for deeper insights into what is playing strongest among this key audience


Make sure your content is ready to take its first steps out into the world, speak for itself, and start making friends.

Marketability Testing…

  • Identifies the most effective way to entice and persuade audiences through marketing communications


See how your content is doing and find new ways to set it up for success as it continues to grow.

Buzzability Testing…

  • Informs publicity plan, release dates, and urgency (“need to see”) when the series, movie, or program first launches

A Trusted Partner

“I wanted to reach out to personally thank you for your wonderful partnership! Your responsiveness and willingness to help is unparalleled, and I always appreciated relying on your expertise and follow-through.”

- Cartoon Network client


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SVP of Screen Play™

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Senior Analyst of Screen Play™

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Director of Screen Play™