Your solution for script testing that delivers invaluable insights into content capability and potential playability.


With TestDrive™, studios, production companies, filmmakers, and scriptwriters can fine-tune their scripts before production begins, saving valuable time and resources.


Our unique three-pronged approach to content research involves comprehensive script-read performance events featuring a fully casted and directed ensemble.

  • Live Response
  • Quantitative Survey
  • Qualitative Focus Group

Live Dial

These events can be experienced in-person or virtually, with our real-time, proprietary live dial feedback from respondents.

Survey &

Following the performance, a quantitative survey gathers additional insights, while a post-survey qualitative discussion group delves even deeper.

Whether you prefer in-person or virtual testing, remote or on-site observation, or the inclusion of live dial feedback, TestDrive™ offers flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Don’t leave your script to chance—drive it toward success with TestDrive™.


Christina Parish

Executive Vice President