Virtuworks™ offers a convenient, virtual alternative to the live/in-theater experience in either synchronous or asynchronous environments while maintaining quality, value, and best-in-class security.

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A groundbreaking virtual screening research platform, Virtuworks™ has transformed central location live-dial and in-theater testing into a limitless virtual environment. This flexible platform allows remote audience members to securely view content and provide their responses through options including moment to moment live dial or emoji feedback, a quantitative written survey, and/or a qualitative discussion group. During the screening, clients are able to view the online recruited audience as they watch the secure content and, with the live dial feature, they can also simultaneously view the results in real time being plotted over the content.

  • Ease of use for both client and respondent
  • Optional modes include displaying emoji rather than numbers or “positive” and “negative” buttons
  • Careful re-screening of our high-quality respondents who are active, articulate and fully engaged
  • Multiple levels of content security reflecting our deep commitment to IP protection
  • Online surveys complete with rich, detailed verbatims
  • Focus groups, led by our team of veteran moderators
  • Pre-session technology checks to ensure video and audio quality
  • Experienced event staff to check in each recruit, give instructions, and move respondents seamlessly to virtual rooms
  • Tech advisors monitoring sessions to troubleshoot any potential issues
  • Live-dial results are available immediately following the viewing via a convenient data dashboard
  • Clients receive a detailed presentation including the dial and survey data as well as the focus group insights
  • Live dials can be utilized not only in TV research but also to gauge reaction to new product releases and/or video games

Key Benefits

Highly customizable and available for all types of content including pilots, series maintenance, binge testing, feature length films, trailers, and teasers as short as 15-seconds


Clients can view from office or home


Fast turnaround


Utilizes a database a million strong to populate sessions sized from 48 to 150 in markets across the country or around the world


Everything you love about the engineworks™ or in-theater experience from the comfort of your home or office


“In creating Virtuworks, we wanted to give clients the same experience as our in-person events but in an online mode,” said SE/ASI platform developer and Senior VP of Data Intelligence, Jason Bubenicek. “The new platform has everything needed including the ability to greet audience members in our ‘lobby’ before the content begins and personalized concierge-level service for clients from SE/ASI staff in a private “back room.”

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