Screen Engine/ASI is a research and data analytics firm focused on

maximizing market potential while assessing risk for clients

in the entertainment and media industries.


The company is founded by its CEO
Kevin Goetz with the vision to build a cutting-edge firm specializing in servicing all screens, platforms, and devices with a particular emphasis on content testing and more specifically on recruited audience screenings. Right out of the gate, the company catches on like wildfire. Screen Engine makes an impact in the industry and grabs significant market share within the first year of opening its doors.

Tracktion launches as a competitive tracking study that measures unaided and aided awareness, interest, and choice of pre-released movies several weeks prior to their openings.


Screen Engine staff expands from the original dozen full-time employees to nearly thirty people to accommodate the continued bullet-train acceleration of the company’s growth.


Screen Engine launches
PostTrak™, a syndicated in-theater exit polling service and joint venture with ComScore. PostTrak™ grows into the industry standard currency capturing moviegoers’ responses to all wide-released films.


Screen Engine conducts its 1,000th in-theater screening



Screen Engine acquires leading television research pioneer ASI Entertainment, which is credited with advancing the use of dial research for television, advertising, and politics with its proprietary ViewTrac™ dial.

The company, renamed Screen Engine/ASI, immediately claims a stake in the television business.


‘Cross Platform’ Group, is established to serve home entertainment, emerging streaming platforms, gaming, and technology clients specializing in content development, title tracking, IP/franchise management, creative explorations, user experience, and new technology.

The company’s continued growth leads to a move to its current headquarters in Century City, Los Angeles.

Screen Engine/ASI conducts its 2,000th in-theater screening.


The NET (New Entertainment Technology) Tracker launches as a quarterly study focused on consumer behaviors and attitudes in the U.S. toward new and emerging entertainment technology, including 4K UHD, VR/AR, eSports/Live Streaming, Cloud Storage, and OTT TV services. 


Screen Engine/ASI announces that The Wicks Group, a New York based private investment firm acquires half of Screen Engine/ASI entering into a partnership with Founder/CEO Kevin Goetz.

A new ‘Combo Tracker’ is launched as a unique multi-modular design that continuously tracks films, home entertainment, and TV/streaming shows through their entire lifecycle.


The GET™ (Global Entertainment and Technology) Tracker launches as a quarterly consumer study, expanding the previous NET Tracker on a worldwide level, encompassing the complete entertainment ecosystem– including theatrical, home entertainment, television, streaming services, gaming, as well as new and emerging entertainment technology.

Screen Engine/ASI conducts its 3,000th in-theater screening.

Screen Engine is honored for the first time with the coveted AMA Gold Top 50 Research Firm designation by the American Marketing Association. This honor continues in subsequent years with similar prestigious designations by Greenbook and Diane Bowers.


The complete remodel of the SE/ASI Valley Village TV Group’s offices paves the way for the rebranding of the embedded premiere research facility to engineworks™. 

SE/ASI acquires ticktBox®.  Founded by Andrew Ly, the company operates through two brands: its B2B brand ticktBox®, the preeminent software for audience procurement and management; and Gofobo™, a multi-million-member user base and consumer-facing entity that operates as gofobo™.com, the leading online advance movie screening destination.


PostVod™ launches providing weekly viewer data on original movies as they are released either as premium video-on-demand, early electronic sell through/digital purchase, or subscription video-on-demand.


With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, all in-person research pivots to online testing. New tools are developed to accommodate theater closures, home-bound audiences and home-bound clients including a virtual screening room, audience captures, scripted table reads, and live streamed audience events to people around the world.

The return to live events during early Fall marks Screen Engine/ASI’s 4,000th event for in-theater content and recruited audience screenings. 

 The Screen Engine/ASI family surpasses 250 full-time and part-time staff and partners.


SE/ASI establishes a new standard of Diversity and Inclusion Principles reflecting the constituents we serve, including representation across the real-world spectrum of content consumers.

SE/ASI launches VirtuWorks™ — a groundbreaking virtual screening research platform that automated central location live-dial testing and transformed it into a limitless virtual environment. The all-new platform recreates the live/in-theater experience in either a synchronous or asynchronous online environment while maintaining quality, value, and best-in-class security.

Screen Engine/ASI and Dstillery announce the official launch of Audience Engine™, a groundbreaking new research-based audience targeting solution for Media, Entertainment and AdTech clients.

The award-winning London-based Tapestry Research is acquired by Screen Engine/ASI to grow its global presence. Co-founded by Kevin Thompson and Ian Wright, Tapestry is a custom market research agency known for its expertise in segmentation, consumer decision journeys, market sizing and proposition testing, campaign contribution, media and audience research for leading global media, entertainment and tech companies.


SE/ASI announces the acquisition of brand insights and strategy firm Coherency, a leader in emotion-based research, developing and utilizing breakthrough research techniques to decipher the emotional logic that drives customer behavior. Its LoveQuotient® portfolio of research solutions applies a proprietary methodology that quantifies and helps brands deepen their emotional connection with consumers.

Our Expertise

We are a team
of media
and entertainment
market researchers.
We specialize in testing
all forms of content.
We have unparalleled
breadth and depth
of experience.
We partner with our clients
from pre-greenlight through
all distribution windows.
We believe that all content,
if made and marketed for the right price,
should make money.


Core Values

The culture of SE/ASI is defined by the following fundamental beliefs:

We are built on a foundation of being charitable and kind.

We treat each other and our clients with honesty and integrity.

We encourage diversity and strive to empower all voices.

We share a bold, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirit.

We are dogged in our mission to meet our clients’ needs.

We each strive for personal and professional excellence.