Embracing Diversity,
Elevating Insights

Screen Engine ASI’s Spectrum is your dedicated partner for comprehensive market research specializing in Hispanic/Latino, international, and multicultural content. Our mission is to decode the desires and preferences of these diverse audiences, enabling you to craft strategies that resonate and drive success.

Our dedication stems from a profound respect for our audience, both as a collective and as individuals. Our commitment to understanding the heartbeat of diverse cultures drives us forward. We uncover insights that often go unnoticed, enriching the demographics that stand out for their uniqueness.

At Screen Engine ASI, we embody the vibrant spectrum of diversity in all we do.

Full Service

  • Quantitative Research: Online and in-person surveys for insights into audience reactions and behaviors.
  • Qualitative Research: Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographic studies for deep audience insights.
  • Media Research: Tracking media consumption trends to inform your strategies.
  • Brand Research: Evaluating brand perception among Hispanic, international, and multicultural audiences.
  • Strategy Development: Develop marketing strategies collaboratively with clients and execute to effectively reach audiences.


Deeply Steeped

We’re not just observers of pop culture, news, content, tech, creative, and ad-sales research, we are deeply embedded in these realms. Our team stays in constant sync with the dynamic trends in these areas, harnessing this knowledge to empower our clients in creating content that’s not just relevant but also exceptionally engaging and on the cutting edge. In essence, understanding the target audience isn’t merely our duty; it’s our intrinsic nature.


At our core, we specialize in crafting research solutions that transcend conventional evaluations of consumer attitudes and media consumption behaviors. Our expertise extends to conducting Capability/concept tests, playability assessments, branding analyses, marketing investigations, and deep-reaching discovery research.

Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering our clients with the most exceptional research and insights available. This empowers them to make informed, strategic decisions regarding their media initiatives, ensuring every move is poised for success.


Our strength lies in our extensive experience conducting audience research across diverse categories and platforms, with an unwavering commitment to amplifying the voice of every consumer.

Our track record includes collaborative partnerships with leading content producers, where we’ve excelled in developing and strategically positioning content for global audiences. From the United States to Latin America and Europe, our team has a rich history of success. We bring together over 80 years of collective experience in the entertainment industry, spanning a wide spectrum of mediums, including networks, cable, streaming, films, video games and podcasts.


At our core, we’re a dynamic market research division focused on innovation and growth. Our expert team, fluent in various languages, boasts profound insights into Hispanic, international, and diverse cultural backgrounds. We’re ahead of media trends and actively shaping the industry’s future. Our extensive network grants us exclusive insights, setting us apart as industry leaders. Our unwavering commitment: empowering clients with the knowledge to fuel marketing success.

Spectrum Team Key Members

Gustavo Ordonez Executive Vice President Gustavo is an international media and insights executive with an impeccable record of performance, leading consumer insights and content development for brands such as Disney, A+E Networks and most recently Univision. Prior to his 20+ years of experience in diverse role within media in the US, Gustavo worked in different marketing and business development roles at Coca Cola Company and McDonald’s and taught probabilities and statistics at Los Andes University.
Christina Parish Executive Vice President Christina has done substantial work in the areas of media consumption trends, promo and creative testing, marketing strategy and concept testing. She works extensively with domestic and international studios and networks and has an extensive background in brand health and product launch support.
Juana Crespo Executive Director With 17 + years in the media industry, Juana has a unique combination of sharp analytical skills, creativity, and resourcefulness as well as a passion for building strong relationships and driving professional development. She has served in numerous leadership roles in cutting edge consumer research initiatives and offers critical syntheses and action-plans to inform and influence business decisions made by senior management.
Miguel De La Torre Executive Director Miguel has extensive experience in domestic and international research, both quantitative and qualitative, particularly in the entertainment industry. He previously worked at NBC Telemundo, Sony Pictures, Televisa Publishing, and Young & Rubicam. With a Bachelor’s degree in communications from University of Miami, a business analytics certification from Cornell University, and a focus group moderator certification from Burke Institute, his areas of expertise include survey development, data analysis, custom presentations, client services, to name a few.
Isabella Uzcategui Manager Detailed-oriented professional with experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research to maximize market potential for clients in the entertainment industry. Proven ability to take initiative and keep learning in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines and a small team. Passionate about the mix of storytelling and numbers. Highly enjoy transforming data into concise analysis that assess risks and opportunities for clients trying to survive in today’s extremely volatile entertainment industry.

“What makes Spectrum and SE/ASI unique is the love behind the process and our relentless commitment to a diverse and inclusive target environment where all consumers are created equal. We have a POV that allows us to elevate our insights. We look at the numbers but always go beyond the numbers. It’s our passion for content and insights that make a huge difference. Our way of thinking brings about our superpowers as partners and researchers.”

– Gustavo Ordonez,
Executive Vice President

“Our company’s power lies in the diverse brilliance of our researchers. At SE/ASI, we mirror our clients and audiences through our dedicated teams. We empower our employees, our diverse college students via internships and support our local communities. We are committed to infuse Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into the DNA of our company.”

– Juana Crespo,
Executive Director
and Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Committee Lead


Gustavo Ordonez

EVP of
SE/ASI’s Spectrum™ Group

Juana Crespo

Executive Director of
SE/ASI’s Spectrum™ Group