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Become part of our team

Become part of our team

At Screen Engine/ASI, we provide an exciting, vibrant, and rewarding place to work. Our diverse and inclusive teams are made up of dedicated individuals who are empowered to make meaningful contributions while demanding a level of excellence and responsiveness from each other that is second to none.

We are always looking for exceptional talent who want to be part of our growing and dynamic team. If you would like to work in a supportive environment that inspires innovation and collaboration while helping you grow and develop both personally and professionally, then Screen Engine/ASI might be the right choice for you.

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We Also Have Intern Opportunities at Screen Engine/ASI

You are a top student and are likely being offered or considering internship opportunities with large ‘brand name’ companies. So, why should you be interested in an internship with a generally less well-known company like us?

Screen Engine/ASI is well known with a stellar reputation throughout the media and entertainment industry. Our team includes experienced executives who have long term relationships with key media and entertainment executives. You will be involved in research delivered to the uppermost levels of the media and entertainment creative and executive community. Market research is an important and fundamental participant in virtually all businesses, equally important in helping our media and entertainment clients make informed decisions. Whether you ultimately choose to seek employment in the media and entertainment industry or another industry, your market research internship with us will undeniably prove of value to you. During your SE/ASI internship you will be involved in all aspects of our work and leave with a solid understanding of how research is constructed, conducted, analyzed, and reported. If you are a data driven individual, you will experience how data is gathered, processed, and analyzed. If you are a strategic thinker, you will experience how we develop answers to client questions. With a full-time workforce of just over 100 team members, you won’t get lost nor will you feel uninvolved. You will work, but you will have fun as well.

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