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Leading entertainment market research firm Screen Engine/ASI today announced it has formed an exclusive strategic relationship in media and entertainment with Louise Chater to focus on building its global content and qualitative research business. Reporting to SE/ASI President Bob Levin, Chater will collaborate with the company’s recently acquired London based Tapestry team led by Kevin Thompson and Ian Wright, as well as the LA unit to forge new client connections and business opportunities bringing her wealth of experience and expertise to select SE/ASI client projects. 

“We look forward to benefiting from Louise’s years of experience as an exceptional strategist and accomplished film executive with strong relationships in both London and Hollywood as we continue to grow the SE/ASI service offering globally,” said Kevin Goetz, SE/ASI’s founder and CEO.  “I’ve known her for a long time and most recently collaborated with her on a project for Sony, which kindled my desire to work with her on a host of opportunities.”

Following years in top studio positions, including Head of Strategy and Global Research for Disney and then EVP International Strategy and Research in the Sony Pictures Movie Group where she pioneered ground-breaking audience research technology, spearheading the launch of VX (‘Viewing Experience’), a biometric tool allowing filmmakers to trace the engagement and emotional journey of the audience in real time, she transitioned to consultant and board positions.  In addition to continuing to serve as a consultant to Sony on the VX research tool, she has worked with companies at the intersection of storytelling, audience, and tech, including UST, Sony Pictures and Sony Corporation of America. 

Prior to moving to California, Chater founded and was CEO of London-based market research agency, First Movies International, servicing the Hollywood studios and a host of independent distributors and international production companies. Her work in those years impacted the marketing strategies of more than 500 movies and franchises. 

Chater will be based in both London and Los Angeles.

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