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In the latest episode of The Ankler podcast, a fascinating exchange unfolds as Kevin Goetz, the CEO of Screen Engine/ASI, joins host Sean McNulty to dissect the evolving narratives of the cinematic world. With his profound expertise rooted in audience research and test screenings, Kevin offers an analysis of the factors that captivate today’s moviegoers. The discussion pivots around the holiday season’s film trends, unearthing insights into the steadfast allure of superhero flicks and the emerging predilections for genre-bending narratives. Kevin’s perspective sheds light on the nuanced interplay between viewer expectations and studio offerings, highlighting how these dynamics are redefining the contours of the Hollywood movie scene. This conversation is a deep dive into the strategic underpinnings that drive box office successes and shape the future of film entertainment. It’s an essential listen for industry professionals and cinema enthusiasts alike, offering a rare glimpse into the machinery of movie magic and the pulse of the audience that fuels it.