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LOS ANGELES (November 18, 2021) – Leading entertainment market research firm Screen Engine/ASI today announced the acquisition of award-winning London-based Tapestry Research to grow its global presence. Tapestry was co-founded in 2014 by Kevin Thompson and Ian Wright, both of whom will continue to lead the company as Joint Managing Directors.  They will also join the SE/ASI management team as executive vice presidents.

A custom market research agency, Tapestry is known for its expertise in segmentation, consumer decision journeys, market sizing and proposition testing, campaign contribution, media and audience research for leading global media, entertainment and tech companies. Tapestry will operate as Tapestry Research, a Screen Engine/ASI Company.

Screen Engine/ASI Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Goetz commented, “I have known both Ian and Kevin for well over a decade and can attest to the fact that they are not only smart, strategic, and insightful researchers, they are also great guys and true collaborators. Because we share many of the same clients, we all saw the value in serving them as one company.  In addition, we will be able to expand our collective offering with the addition of Tapestry’s research, which is concentrated outside of North America.”

Ian Wright, Co-Founder and Joint MD of Tapestry said “Kevin and I are really excited at joining forces with Screen Engine/ASI. There’s a very strong fit between us in terms of our culture and client focus, and this deal will help us to continue to grow and get to the next stage of our development.” Kevin Thompson, Co-Founder and Joint MD of Tapestry added “We’re really looking forward to being part of the Screen Engine/ASI group. Many of us have worked together in the past and it’s great to rekindle those relationships. This sets us up for even bigger and better things to come.”

Tapestry is the fourth major acquisition by SE/ASI following the acquisition of television research pioneer ASI in 2014 and reflects the company’s continued commitment to growing its service offerings, expanding its global capabilities and remaining at the cutting edge of research trends. The Diffusion Group and Ticktbox were acquired in 2019.  Historically, SE/ASI’s ground breaking initiatives have included PostTrak™, an in-theater exit polling service as a joint venture with Comscore; NET™ Tracker, a quarterly study on consumer behaviors and attitudes; GET™, a global extension of NET; PostVod™, weekly viewer data on original movies going to premium VOD and early electronic sell through; VirtuWorks™, a virtual screening research platform and Audience Engine™, with Dstillery, a research based audience targeting solution.

About Screen Engine/ASI

Screen Engine/ASI, headquartered in Century City, CA, is a market research and data analytics firm focused on maximizing market potential while assessing risk for clients in the media and entertainment industries. SE/ASI conducts movie test screenings, creative advertising testing, in-theater exit polling, television program and promo testing, content lifecycle research, pre-release tracking of movie, TV & home entertainment titles, and a variety of digital entertainment research products through online, central site, and in-field intercept methods. SE/ASI is a full-service research and information agency and consultancy working with major Studios, television broadcasters, cable networks, streaming services, production companies and other leaders in digital entertainment to better identify and leverage opportunity and assess and manage risk. Visit

About Tapestry Research

Tapestry is a market research agency headquartered in London and dedicated to making even the most complex of client problems beautifully simple and intuitive. Most of the work Tapestry conducts is global in scope and focused on media, entertainment, tech and advertising. The senior team and agency has industry-leading expertise in multi-platform campaign evaluation, decision journey, segmentation, market sizing and audience research. The Tapestry team encompasses experts in survey design, data analytics & modelling, qualitative and self-ethnography. Visit