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Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE Tour: Celebrating Unity and Diversity Within the Black and LGBTQI+ Communities

Screen Engine/ASI partnered with BET on a custom research study among Renaissance World Tour concertgoers to understand the cultural and economic influence Beyoncé holds, especially among the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Screen Engine/ASI CEO, Kevin Goetz joins Sean McNulty on The Ankler podcast to discuss the latest high-stakes game at the cinema.

On a recent episode of The Anker podcast, Kevin Goetz, CEO of Screen Engine/ASI, and Sean McNulty delve into the currents shaping today's cinema. With his unique position at the forefront of audience research and test screenings, Kevin provides a unique perspective on the latest trends and preferences that are defining the holiday movie season.

Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine/ASI on Talk Back to TelevisionHolly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine/ASI no

Talk Back to Television welcomes industry veteran Holly Leff-Pressman, Chief Client Engagement Officer at Screen Engine/ASI LLC. Holly has had an astonishing career in media and entertainment, with gigs at Nielsen, NBC Universal, Universal Studios, and Viacom’s In Demand. And with that background, Holly has words of wisdom for today’s “Television” industry.


In the world of entertainment, the journey from concept to blockbuster success can be a winding and unpredictable road. Sometimes, a property that seems like an unlikely candidate for the big screen can become a groundbreaking hit that captivates audiences worldwide. This fascinating transformation is precisely what we'll explore today as we delve into the making of the Barbie movie, a remarkable success story that reshaped the DNA of a beloved childhood toy and turned it into a cinematic triumph. Our CEO and founder of Screen Engine/ASI and Don’t Kill the Messenger podcast host, Kevin Goetz, sat down with Robbie Brenner, one of the producers of the summer movie-hit Barbie. With over two decades of experience in the film industry and a recent promotion to the role of President of Mattel Films, Robbie Brenner brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the conversation.