Virtuworks™ offers a convenient, virtual alternative to the live/in-theater experience in either synchronous or asynchronous environments while maintaining quality, value, and best-in-class security.

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A groundbreaking virtual screening research platform, Virtuworks™ has transformed central location live-dial and in-theater testing into a limitless virtual environment. This flexible platform allows remote audience members to securely view content and provide their responses through options including moment to moment live dial or emoji feedback, a quantitative written survey, and/or a qualitative discussion group. During the screening, clients are able to view the online recruited audience as they watch the secure content and, with the live dial feature, they can also simultaneously view the results in real time being plotted over the content.


is Screen Engine/ASI’s full suite of online content testing capabilities. With a variety of tools and modalities, virtuworks™ leverages both industry standard and proprietary tools to engage audiences more ways than ever.

virtuworks™ Live

  • Live Dial Results Watch the audience, content playback and a real-time chart of the aggregated results of audience dial feedback.
  • Tune Out – A feature that is only available in virtuworks™ Live that gives the respondent the ability to indicate when and why they “tuned out”.
  • Multi-Content Testing (formerly known as ‘binge testing’)
    • Create a playlist of videos to be shown during a virtuworks™ Live session and have audiences react to multiple pieces of content in a single session (with or without Live Dial Results)
  • Emoji Dial – Our kid friendly dial designed to capture real time response from kids based on selecting up to 10+ customizable emoji reactions.

virtuworks™ OnDemand

Asynchronously online content testing.
Available with post fielding dial results (standard or emoji).

virtuworks™ Roundtable

Online discussion group sessions. Can be hosted with or without short-form content (e.g. images, trailers, etc.), or following virtuworks™ Live (immediately ) or virtuworks™ OnDemand (after fielding) sessions.

virtuworks™ Listen

Offering all the same features as virtuworks Live but tailored specifically for audio-only content including podcasts and audiobooks.

Meet the Team

Virtuworks Virtual Screening Research Platform

Our Virtual Screening Team consists of some of the best and brightest researchers from across the industry (temp copy) add here.
MARK ORNE Executive Vice President 20+ years in Entertainment Research. Former head of Global Consumer Insights at Sony Pictures, overseeing research for Home Entertainment releases, retail, tech, and biz dev. Prior to Sony, was Project Director in the entertainment group at Lieberman Research Worldwide. Once a hard-core gamer, Mark has now lapsed into an occasional gamer, living vicariously through his two avid gamer sons. For the past 7 years, he has led the Cross Platform Group, including developing a gaming pod to better support its growing gaming research business.
COLAN NEESE Senior Vice President, Gaming Business Development For over a decade, Colan has worked in a variety of roles that placed him at the intersection of gaming, tech, and media. He is renowned for architecting innovative research and measurement strategies to drive bottom-line business results. Prior to joining Screen Engine/ASI, Colan was Head of Global Gaming at Alida, Vice President of Business Development at Spiketrap/Reddit and spent five years at Twitch where he led North America ad sales research and measurement.
DAN CHRISTMAN Senior Vice President Daniel has nearly 20 years experience in entertainment marketing and research leading end-to-end campaigns at Sony for Blade Runner 2049, Venom, Spider-Man, and more. He is also an avid gamer and leverages this knowledge for SEASI’s game research group. Daniel previously held roles in International Marketing and Shopper Insights and started in Research at NRG.
RYUNG KIM Executive Director Ryung has nearly a decade of market research experience with a strong emphasis on problem solving and complex custom work. She previously led an international project management team at Toluna servicing clients from a wide range of industries including P&G, Amazon, and WB. Ryung is a casual gamer and has leveraged her experience for clients including Square Enix, Blizzard, and Sega. Ryung started her research career in Seoul where she focused on issues addressing APAC markets.
JENNIFER PARK Director Jennifer has over seven years of market research experience, specializing in the entertainment and technology sectors. She has extensive background in ad and concept testing, brand tracking, positioning, exit polls, and focus groups, as well as online community-based market research and previously worked at MarketCast and Fuel Cycle.
LEXIE ASATANI Research Analyst Lexie is a former SEASI intern turned Research Analyst working as a member of the gaming pod. Her primary focus is on qualitative research including focus groups, IDIs, dial testing, and playtesting – for entertainment and gaming clients. Lexie received a bachelor’s in Marketing from California State University, Long Beach.

“In creating Virtuworks, we wanted to give clients the same experience as our in-person events but in an online mode,” said SE/ASI platform developer and Senior VP of Data Intelligence, Jason Bubenicek. “The new platform has everything needed including the ability to greet audience members in our ‘lobby’ before the content begins and personalized concierge-level service for clients from SE/ASI staff in a private “back room.”

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