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POV Newsletter: On the Trail of the “It” Generation (May 2024)

The irresistible and elusive Gen Z continues to be the darling of the research, marketing, and branding worlds. Irresistible since, based on Intelligence Node data, as of 2023, Gen Z occupies 40% of the worldwide consumer population; projected disposable income, well over $360 billion. Elusive because their attitudes and trends are ever-expanding and ever-shifting. The focus here throughout is on exploring what fuels Gen Z and how this goes on to affect their utilization of entertainment and media.

POV Newsletter: The Lasting Effects of the Pandemic on the Movie Industry (May 2023)

Get an exclusive inside look at the latest trends, shifts and challenges facing the entertainment industry with POV, the recently launched newsletter from Screen Engine/ASI, written by industry experts Kevin Goetz and Lucille Palmiere. Our first issue explores the lasting effects of the pandemic on in-theater movie-going. We take a look beyond the obvious franchises and blockbusters to examine what is integral to getting audiences enthusiastic about seeing any film in a theater. Don't miss out on our invaluable insights.