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LOS ANGELES, April 21 — Seeking an alternative to in-person market research during a time of mandated social distancing, Screen Engine/ASI, the leading market research company specializing in multi-platform entertainment content testing, has moved aggressively to develop a suite of virtual research products to provide its film and television clients with the the important information they need regarding consumer behaviors and attitudes.

“In this current climate of uncertainty, we found that most of our clients are looking for more consumer insights than ever to help them manage the risks inherent in the decisions they are still having and will be having to make,” said Kevin Goetz, CEO and founder of Screen Engine/ASI, “The credible solutions we are announcing result from the work of a ‘Strike Team’ we put together to focus on the health, safety, logistics and financial concerns of the industry.”

These new products range from secure online research screenings, online live script reads and f9pop-up insight communities to BOSS™, a box office scheduling simulator that will help distributors make informed release date decisions when movie theaters reopen.

  • Online research screening of both movie and TV content – In lieu of in-person screenings, an online alternative was developed using the best security available with a heavily vetted respondent group watching a movie or TV show (dial testing offered), completing a survey and participating in an online focus group, while the client and creative team watches it all.
  • Online Live Script Reads- During pre-production professional actors participate in a pre-recorded script table read which is viewed online by respondents representing the target audience. A survey and online focus group follow the session providing insights from respondent feedback.
  • Premiere Pulse™- A mobile-only custom survey gauges immediate reaction to TV content post-airing among both viewers and non-viewers to assess reaction to the content as well as barriers to viewing.
  • Pop-Up Insight Communities- As a great many people will remain at home over the next few months, all the research benefits and insights of an interactive target audience community can be realized, but without the traditional long-term commitment associated with community platforms.
  • BOSS™ (Box Office Scheduling Simulator) – When movie theaters re-open, informed release date decisions will be critical to success. Using advanced analytics, BOSS provides clients interactive “what if” scenarios to forecast box office outcomes on any opening weekend within the impacted release period.

This follows the recent launch of PostVOD™, a  new weekly virtual post-viewing service focused on audience reaction to major motion pictures premiering on PVOD, which measures audience composition, viewing behavior(s), motivators, and level(s) of satisfaction.

About Screen Engine/ASI

Screen Engine/ASI, headquartered in Century City, CA, is one of the top three data acquisition and analytics companies serving the international entertainment industry. SE/ASI conducts movie test screenings, creative advertising testing, in-theater exit polling, television program and promo testing, content lifecycle research, pre-release tracking of movie, TV & home entertainment titles, and a variety of digital entertainment research products through online, central site, and in-field intercept methods. SE/ASI is a full-service research and information agency and consultancy working with major Studios, television broadcasters, cable networks, streaming services, production companies and other leaders in digital entertainment to better identify and leverage opportunity and assess and manage risk.

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