Screen Engine/ASI products and services

We design our studies to match our clients’ research objectives, gathering and synthesizing the information in a way to allow them to answer their business and creative questions. We partner with key stakeholders on the best methodology and criteria to align with their needs. We have both extensive qualitative and quantitative expertise for a suite of products listed below.


Recruited audience screenings test all measures of playability and positive word-of-mouth intent among a representative sample of potential moviegoers. Audience screenings provide a unique opportunity for the entire creative team to watch a film with a live audience, so they can experience first-hand viewer reactions to the content. The data can be utilized immediately to finesse films in production, and to help guide the marketing campaign.

Positioning Studies

Our rigorous positioning studies reveal the strongest and most persuasive messaging platform upon which to build a successful marketing campaign. Identifying the elements that are the most appealing and marketable informs the creative, publicity and advertising campaigns, and can help focus investment where it will yield the greatest return. Ultimately, accurate positioning directed to the most motivated target groups can greatly influence performance at the box office.

Focus Groups - Film

Focus groups provide a forum for understanding how the target audience responds to content, and to hear “real world” voices express opinions and feelings. An experienced moderator leads a discussion group that consists of specific members of an audience segment. Their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes about the content, advertising, products and ideas are considered and assessed to help provide insights into strategies and executions.

Creative Advertising Testing

Trailers, TV spots, one-sheets, on-air promos and other creative advertising materials being considered for a campaign are viewed by specifically targeted audience(s) to measure their persuasiveness and effectiveness in driving theater attendance for a movie.


TrailerTrak is a proprietary way to assess competitive in-theater trailer play. This product measures “real world” recall of trailers and the persuasive impact they have upon moviegoer interest.


Screen Engine/ASI fields a competitive tracking study, Tracktion, which measures unaided and aided awareness of upcoming films, four weeks prior to their releases. The data is based on 1,200 respondents between the ages of 13 and 59 and is conducted weekly. In addition to awareness, intensity of interest, opening weekend urgency and “first choice” preference are captured. Measures of awareness, interest and choice are broken out by gender, age and parental status. Reports are compiled and issued each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 52 weeks a year.

PostTrak And Exit Polling

Screen Engine/ASI offers our clients two methods of obtaining exit data.

Screen Experts Screening

A tool for illuminating critical response to a film or TV program in advance of previewing it to the press, Screen Experts screenings provide a confidential forum for early feedback. Between 10 and 20 accredited critics and entertainment journalists are gathered to view a film or program together, or are given a password-protected link to view online. All participants sign non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from writing or commenting on the film or program until it is officially debuted for critical review.

Engine 360

Engine 360 uses a unique creative advertising material testing system that ties creative performance directly to media, promotions and publicity in a way never before possible. Using a 30,000 person panel, Engine 360 testing.


Custom-designed consumer Communities are laboratories that allow our clients to interact on a continual basis with specifically recruited members using a wide variety of research tools. These members serve as ongoing advisors, rather than typical “one-off” survey respondents, and their services are contracted based on the objectives and requirements of the client.

Capability Studies

Understanding audience response to an idea at the beginning stages of development allows our clients to make informed decisions when choosing content, and to move forward with confidence. It also saves them time and money.

International Testing - Film

Screen Engine/ASI regularly provides international entertainment companies with research to help them with decisions related to production changes and marketing strategies. Extensive research has been conducted in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Central and South America, and includes...


Our Television Resources

In 2014, Screen Engine LLC acquired veteran television and advertising research firm ASI Entertainment, launching Screen Engine/ASI. This exciting collaboration broadens the base of services we can offer our clients. With many executives now responsible for both theatrical and television bottom lines, merged resource allows us to customize teams of specialists that can cross platform boundaries and think in terms of the client total business rather than within a single business silo.

Multi-Mode Testing

Screen Engine/ASI offers multi-mode testing to accommodate its clients expected and unexpected needs. The same impeccable testing standards available at our studio in North Hollywood are applied in location labs around the world. The different methods can be combined to provide the custom solution that is best for your specific research objectives. Screen Engine/ASI’s proprietary ViewTrac system is the industry’s most reliable tool when it comes to measuring audience interest levels. Whether it is for pilot testing, general program testing or series maintenance, the right combination of testing can provide audience-based data and support for programming decisions moving forward.

Focus Groups - Television

At Screen Engine/ASI, we believe in the power of an audience’s voice. We treat focus groups as a crucial part of our research process, and believe focus groups can provide our clients with a much richer snapshot of their audience’s motivations and behaviors.

In-Home Content Testing

Beyond testing in a theater environment, Screen Engine/ASI is also equipped to provide clients with in-home content testing. In this methodology, viewers are recruited to watch a program, including pilots, episodes, advertisements, infomercials, etc. at a select time on a specified channel on their televisions at home.

Television And Cable Promo Testing

Marketing content effectively is as important as optimizing the content itself, and Screen Engine/ASI understands the concerns clients have about their creative marketing materials. Some of the questions we focus on answering are.

Capability Testing Television

Understanding audience response to an idea at the beginning stages of development allows our clients to make informed decisions when choosing content, and to move forward with confidence. It also saves them time and money.

International Testing - Television

Screen Engine/ASI has conducted more international television research than any of its competitors. Extensive research studies have been executed in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Central and South America. In addition to offering online testing on six continents, our ViewTrac dial capabilities extend to most other foreign markets as well.

Infomercial Research

Screen Engine/ASI is an integral part of many company’s success stories with infomercials. Through use of our methodological approach (including the ViewTrac dial system, questionnaires and focus groups) we can identify consumer “hot buttons” that trigger purchases/direct response.


Political Campaign Research

Screen Engine/ASI’s proprietary ViewTrac dial system allows our clients the means to explore their political campaign effectiveness. Just as with advertising, the real-time response system allows political researchers a better understanding of their target audience’s reaction to the campaign content on a second-by-second basis. Focus groups and quest-ionnaires also provide our clients a deeper look into what works and what requires revision for the most successful campaign strategy.

Judicial Research

Testing trial strategy through Screen Engine/ASI’s unique brand of real-time-response research, matched with customized focus groups allows our clients to.

Digital Entertainment

New Entertainment Technology (NET) Tracker

US-only online survey among active home entertainment consumers, fielded monthly (n=1,000), and reported quarterly (n=3,000). Provides in-depth insight into the evolving entertainment landscape, tracking new technology device adoption and usage. Primarily focused on emerging technologies, such as 4K Ultra HD, OTT video, Virtual Reality, and Immersive Audio.

Global Home Entertainment Consumption Tracking

12-terrritory online survey among active home entertainment consumers, fielded monthly (n=500 per territory), data rolled up quarterly (n=3,000 per territory per quarter) and reported semi-annually. Monitors home entertainment transactions as well as viewing behaviors and attitudes across the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium/Netherlands, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Sweden.

Intent-To-Consume (ITC) Studies

Online survey typically among n=800 active home entertainment consumers (mostly fielded in the US only, but sometimes internationally too), providing insights that help optimize the sales and marketing strategies surrounding a given movie’s release on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and other home entertainment channels. The ITC evaluates the strength of a title vs. competitors in terms of awareness and consumption intent, while also providing tactical marketing insights for that title, such as reasons for interest and package artwork testing.

Creative Testing

Online surveys that evaluate creative executions of home entertainment or video game releases. Provides insights that optimize the effectiveness of package designs (disc packages for movies, TV shows or video games), television ad spots and trailers in preparation for the home entertainment or video game release.

Emerging Technology (Qualitative Insights)

Focus groups, IDI’s (“in-depth interviews”), dial testing among large scale groups, and ethnographies, featuring some of the best moderators in the entertainment and technology sectors, focused on new technology (device or service) adoption and preferences. These research methods can be facilitated through our high tech facility (w/dial testing amphitheaters, focus group rooms, and new media/UX  lab) in Los Angeles, or we can travel to any market to conduct the research, if nationally representative/non-LA markets are preferred.

Engine 360° (Media Optimization and TV Spot Rotation Research)

A 50,000-member online panel is utilized to inform home entertainment, video game or technology clients as to their “prime prospect” audiences, where to most effectively place their media advertising budgets to reach them, and most effective TV spot rotations (per “prime prospect” target audience).

Live Event-Dial Testing Audience Reaction

Featuring the proprietary ‘ViewTrac Dial Testing Method’, which provides clients real-time audience feedback for their live events/press conferences and also includes survey and group discussion elements. This method blends qualitative and quantitative research, and is housed in our ASI Entertainment facility in N. Hollywood (Los Angeles area), but can also be taken on the road to any market (using portable dials).

Home Entertainment Title Tracking

An online competitive title tracking survey which measures awareness, intent to purchase and HE method/format mostly to consume movies on for home entertainment release.  The data is based on ~n=1,000 active HE consumers (bought or rented movie, physically or digitally) ages 13-59 and is conducted weekly among movies about to release, or recently released into theaters.

Customer Database Surveys

A customer database survey solution that provides deeper understanding of a retailer’s customer/shopper by survey invites sent out to their customer database to understand their demographic profile, media habits, device ownership, sources of brand and product awareness, competitive purchasing behaviors, overall satisfaction and suggestions from improvement.