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Screen Engine/ASI and Dstillery today announced the official launch of Audience Engine™, a groundbreaking new research-based audience targeting solution for Media, Entertainment and AdTech clients. Film and television media veteran Melanie Jones, who most recently served as SVP of Strategy at OMG23, a media agency dedicated to The Walt Disney Company, has been hired by Screen Engine/ASI to lead the new division.

What sets Audience Engine™ apart is the ability to develop ad target audience segments, which, based on empirical survey research data at scale, indicate strong “interest to watch,” “recommend” and/or “share information” for specific upcoming feature film, TV show or video game titles, genres, franchises, etc. The segments can also be used to identify which distribution channel or channels (in-theater, PVOD, SVOD, CTV, Linear TV, game consoles, etc.) these audiences are most likely to choose to view the content. They can then be activated for social, digital, cross-channel and advanced TV campaigns.

Jones, who will report to Bruce Friend, Chief Revenue Officer at Screen Engine/ASI, will also be responsible for spearheading strategic partnerships with cross-platform planning and buying platforms, as well as advanced TV platforms. These partnerships will provide clients and their agencies greater and easier access for planning and buying the Audience Engine™ targets. To date, Audience Engine has developed and distributed over 100 custom audiences to the industry with plans to develop 100+ more before the end of this year.

With over 25 years’ experience on both the media agency and client side for movie studios, streaming services, and television networks (broadcast and cable), Jones has worked to develop media strategies for movies, home entertainment, SVOD, broadcast and streaming services. She is also known for working seamlessly with clients to set a strategic framework for individual properties and cross lines of business to ensure a tight adherence to goals and KPIs, delivering performance and ROI validation.

“Audience Engine is the first audience targeting solution of its kind to combine, on a one-to-one match basis, the precision of deterministic research data with the scale of predictive behavioral data at a title or product-specific level, including proprietary, survey-based customer segmentations, which is why it is a gamechanger for the industry,” said Bruce Friend, Screen Engine/ASI Chief Revenue Officer. “Melanie Jones is uniquely qualified to spearhead this keyinitiative, especially as the industry continues to shift more ad dollars to hyper-addressable ad platforms and services, driven by the rapid expansion of digital and CTV platforms.”

Jones added, “What excites me the most about the future of this industry is customized audiences. Being able to tailor and deliver messaging to the exact right person at the exact right moment for the most efficient cost is the holy grail of marketing. It’s why I’m thrilled to be joining Screen Engine/ASI to lead the Audience Engine™ product initiative, as the audience targets that we develop are high-performing and truly unique.”

About Audience Engine™:

Audience Engine™ is a division of Screen Engine/ASI in partnership with Dstillery, which develops and distributes audience targets based on empirical research data from either large-scale (10,000+ sample) audience-based film and TV show promotional screenings or (3,000+ sample) movie, TV or video game trailer or promo testing results. The results are matched and modeled using Dstillery’s Custom AI methodology built on 10 million digital behavioral attributes. Once created, these audiences can be activated across multiple buying platforms, including The TradeDesk, Xandr, DV360 and other programmatic platforms.

About Screen Engine/ASI:

Screen Engine/ASI, headquartered in Century City, CA, is one of the top three data acquisition and analytics companies serving the international entertainment industry. SE/ASI conducts movie test screenings, creative advertising testing, in-theater exit polling, television program and promo testing, content lifecycle research, pre-release tracking of movie, TV & home entertainment titles, and a variety of digital entertainment research products through online, central site, and in-field intercept methods. SE/ASI is a full-service research and information agency and consultancy working with major Studios, production companies, television broadcasters, cable networks, streaming services, video game companies and other leaders in digital entertainment to better identify and leverage opportunity and assess and manage risk.

About Dstillery:

Dstillery is the leading custom audience solutions company, empowering brand marketers and their agencies to maximize the value of customer data and transform the way they connect with their audiences.

Our premier product, Custom AI Audiences, is built by just-for-your-brand Custom AI models that deliver the ideal combination of accuracy and scale. Because Dstillery continuously refreshes audience data, our audiences are always up-to-date and on-target. That’s why brands across Retail, CPG, Finance, Luxury, B2B, Telco, Travel, and Tech rely on Dstillery’s audience solutions to optimize their branding and performance marketing campaigns, helping to drive growth.

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