TrailerTrak is a proprietary way to assess competitive in-theater trailer play. This product measures “real world” recall of trailers and the persuasive impact they have upon moviegoer interest.

Filmgoers are intercepted as they exit the theater to capture their recollections of the trailers they previewed prior to the show. TrailerTrak captures unaided and aided recall, overall interest, interest by demography, positive and negative reactions based on what the trailers conveyed, and ‘first choice’ interest. For those trailers that respondents aidedly remember seeing before the film, interest is assessed on a 4-point scale. This rating system creates a comparative landscape in which a trailer’s playability can be measured against that of all other competitive titles being released. TrailerTrak also reports on urgency to view a movie, ranging from “want to see the film right away on opening weekend” to “want to see it sometime while it is playing in theaters.” Additionally, participants offer open-ended responses, which provide specific insight into why a person is interested/not interested in the film, unique characteristics of the trailer, and why they selected a certain trailer as their top choice to see in a theater.

Screen Engine/ASI also offers an opportunity to add ‘tack-on’ questions to the back-end of this study. Similar to an Omnibus study, tack-ons allow clients to obtain a quick read on relatively straightforward issues that can be understood with just a few questions, such as awareness, recall, preferences and affinity measures.