Screen Engine/ASI fields a competitive tracking study, Tracktion, which measures unaided and aided awareness of upcoming films, four weeks prior to their releases. The data is based on 1,200 respondents between the ages of 13 and 59 and is conducted weekly. In addition to awareness, intensity of interest, opening weekend urgency and “first choice” preference are captured. Measures of awareness, interest and choice are broken out by gender, age and parental status. Reports are compiled and issued each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 52 weeks a year.

There is also an opportunity to add ‘tack-on’ questions to the back-end of Tracktion. Similar to an Omnibus study, tack-ons allow clients to obtain a quick read on relatively straightforward issues that are at the forefront of research, such as awareness, recall, preference and affinity measures that can be posed in just a few questions.