Recruited Audience Screenings - Film

Recruited audience screenings test all measures of playability and positive word-of-mouth intent among a representative sample of potential moviegoers. Audience screenings provide a unique opportunity for the entire creative team to watch a film with a live audience, so they can experience first-hand viewer reactions to the content. The data can be utilized immediately to finesse films in production, and to help guide the marketing campaign.

Screen Engine/ASI’s clients include the major Hollywood studios and producers, who rely on our expertise to provide accurate and measurable data as well as actionable recommendations. Our CEO, Kevin Goetz, is one of the most highly-respected research professionals in the industry, and has personally conducted over 4,000 screenings of films in all genres, from blockbusters to Academy Award® winners. The team surrounding him has decades of experience conducting these research events and analyzing the quantitative (from the surveys) and qualitative (from the post-screening focus groups) findings to provide full analysis of audience response.

Our methodologies include:

Recruitment – We work with clients to develop materials to be used to recruit a test audience, including a written synopsis of the film, the filmmaker and star pedigrees, and qualifiers that help to ensure the right prospects show up. A staff of highly trained recruiters provides feedback from the field with important insights into what motivates or detracts from interest to attend the screening.

Comprehensive Analysis – We measure and analyze all aspects of playability, including the resonance of the story and characters, engagement at the beginning, satisfaction with the ending, perceptions of pacing, confusions, and response to all of the relevant components. We probe into factors such as willingness to recommend to friends, the urgency with which moviegoers will encourage others to see it, perceived audience appeal, how they might describe it, and the most memorable scenes. This gives our clients specific data to apply to their marketing plan and overall release strategy.

State-of-the-Art Security – Every test preview is managed with the highest professional standards of security to eliminate the risk of piracy and unauthorized discussion in the media. All attendees sign non-disclosure agreements before entering the theater, and are checked to make sure they are not carrying any type of recording device. We also offer unparalleled security and privacy for filmmakers and actors while attending screenings.

Our highly-qualified team of product managers and analysts work closely with our clients to maximize every opportunity and oversee all aspects of the test, including recommendations of theater location, recruitment, staffing, questionnaire, focus group, data collection, topline and report.