PostTrak and Exit Polling

Screen Engine/ASI offers our clients two methods of obtaining exit data.


A jointly-developed syndicated product from Screen Engine/ASI and leading box office reporting service Rentrak, PostTrak is a preeminent audience-reporting product that significantly increases the depth and quality of exit information related to filmgoers and movie theater audience composition that is available to subscribers. PostTrak provides weekly polls of ratings and word-of-mouth intent on all wide-release openings and week two performances among moviegoers 10 to 59 years old. The live feed data reporting is updated hourly, helping to determine multiples against opening weekend grosses and allowing greater immediacy for adjusting media.

Exit Polling

Exit polling provides time-critical feedback on the films moviegoers have paid to see in the theater on opening weekend. Moviegoers are intercepted as they leave the auditorium and asked to complete short, self-administered surveys that query their overall rating of the film, sources of awareness, primary reasons for attending, intent to recommend and if so, as a theatrical or home viewing experience, favorite scenes and their expectations prior to seeing the movie.