Positioning Studies

Our rigorous positioning studies reveal the strongest and most persuasive messaging platform upon which to build a successful marketing campaign. Identifying the elements that are the most appealing and marketable informs the creative, publicity and advertising campaigns, and can help focus investment where it will yield the greatest return. Ultimately, accurate positioning directed to the most motivated target groups can greatly influence performance at the box office.

Screen Engine/ASI typically recommends a sample of at least 1,000 nationally representative respondents, with few qualifiers other than recent movie attendance to get broad, real world feedback. Alternate descriptions of the film project are presented to the participants, each applying a different emphasis. For example, the same film might be described as an action comedy, a buddy comedy, or a road trip comedy. After each description is presented, measures of interest are collected. Additionally, respondents are queried about specific aspects of the storyline, the settings, the cast and cast pairings (if known) and the filmmaker’s pedigree, and how each element impacts their interest to see the film in a theater. Excitement and urgency are also measured. The resulting analysis yields the most widely compelling positioning for the film, distilled into one clear statement.

This type of study generally employs a sequential monadic testing method, because participants are reacting to several different positionings, one at a time, and answering the same set of questions following each exposure. The alternate positionings are randomly rotated to eliminate order bias.

All widely released movies can greatly benefit from a well-conducted positioning study. But positioning studies are especially valuable for:

• Mixed genre films, to determine the best strategy for marketing materials

• Narrowly targeted films, to find the right messaging to the most responsive audience

• Finding the “sweet spot,” when there is a question of tonality

• Differentiation in a crowded category

Screen Engine/ASI is recognized as an industry leader in the field of positioning studies. We offer our clients a reliable and well-defined structure for measuring property assets.