Our Television Resources

In 2014, Screen Engine LLC acquired veteran television and advertising research firm ASI Entertainment, launching Screen Engine/ASI. This exciting collaboration broadens the base of services we can offer our clients. With many executives now responsible for both theatrical and television bottom lines, merged resource allows us to customize teams of specialists that can cross platform boundaries and think in terms of the client total business rather than within a single business silo.

ASI Entertainment pioneered the ViewTrac Dial Testing Method, which has been the gold standard for measuring television viewer response for over 50 years. With two fully-equipped, 48-seat hi-def theaters and four advanced technology focus rooms at our North Hollywood facility, Screen Engine/ASI offers clients the latest in HD video display and capture technology, multi-media support, HD video conferencing and web streaming capabilities for remote transmission and participation. Screen Engine/ASI has a national respondent reach of millions, over a quarter of a million in Los Angeles alone, covering diverse demographics and political reach to provide superior sample characteristics.