Multi-Mode Testing

Screen Engine/ASI offers multi-mode testing to accommodate its clients expected and unexpect-ed needs. The same impeccable testing standards available at our studio in North Hollywood are applied in location labs around the world.

The different methods can be combined to provide the custom solution that is best for your specific research objectives. Screen Engine/ASI’s pro-prietary ViewTrac system is the industry’s most reliable tool when it comes to measuring audience interest levels. Whether it is for pilot testing, general program testing or series maintenance, the right combination of testing can provide audience-based data and support for programming decisions moving forward.

Method A – Location Testing. For earlier stage projects, when editing the program is still ongoing or an option, the method with the most robust dial, Location Testing, tends to be the best fit, as it provides the most detailed second-by-second response to the content.

Specific Location

  • Location-based dial testing theater at Screen Engine/ASI’s North Hollywood studio
  • Typically followed up with one or two post-screening focus groups
  • Clients sit in separate room with one-way mirror and watch the dial trace live
  • Capacity – 50-100

Expanded Location

  • Location-based dial testing virtually anywhere in the United States
  • For out of town clients or regional testing
  • Client sits in the audience to experience their reactions
  • Dial-testing technology is retrofitted to the test location with 100% accuracy
  • Capacity – 100-200

In-Theatre Testing

  • Location-based dial testing in Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States
  • Client sits in the audience to experience their reactions, with the option of also watching the dial trace live
  • Typically followed up with one post-screening focus group
  • Capacity – 75-150

For projects where network fit, marketability and scheduling are key areas of concern, a method that allows for a more robust sample size, like Mall or Online Testing, tends to be the best fit. Online Testing tends to also be the most suitable when very specific audience profiling is essential, like a series maintenance test, where it’s important to have a subset of heavy viewers, light or lapsed viewers, and non-viewers.

Method B – Intercept Dial Testing

  • “Same time” testing in multiple locations across the country or around the world
  • Subjects recruited in mall and theatre settings, watch programming in clean, updated kiosks
  • Data moves from qualitative to quantitative
  • Test results can be calculated and returned within a matter of hours
  • Capacity – 150 plus

Method C – Online Testing

  • A broad nationally representative sampling
  • Respondents can use their mouse as a virtual dial
  • Capacity – 200 plus

Method D – In-Home Testing

  • The use of innovative technology expands Screen Engine/ASI’s reach far beyond testing in our theaters and directly into the living rooms of television viewers around the world. Using this methodology, we recruit viewers to watch a program - including pilots, episodes, advertisements and infomercials - at a select time on a specified channel on their TVs at home.
  • At the end of the program, the viewer is contacted by a Screen Engine/ASI analyst, and asked a series of questions about their impressions, likes, dislikes and more. Many clients enjoy the flexibility and convenience to the consumer that in-home content testing offers, and appreciate the scalability and national and international reach.