Live Event-Dial Testing Audience Reaction

Live Event-Dial Testing Audience

The ability to measure the effectiveness and impact of live events at major trade shows and conventions is now a reality. Screen Engine/ASI’s proprietary ViewTrac Dial Testing Method, which has been the gold standard for measuring viewer response for over 50 years, can provide clients real-time audience feedback for their live events/press conferences. The second-by-second analysis allows clients the best opportunity to understand content issues that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Many companies, studios, filmmakers and other content providers use panels or press conferences at major trade shows and conventions to introduce upcoming movies, TV shows, video games, or consumer electronics. Additionally, they also often announce new titles in development, show new, exclusive footage, reveal release dates, and even bring directors or cast to discuss the content. Screen Engine/ASI offers companies/clients the chance to better understand the audience’s reactions from each of their conferences/panels as well as to compare to their competition.

Screen Engine can now measure consumer reaction to these important trade events and capture instant reaction to announcements, understand the impact of new, exclusive content, and identify stimuli and messaging that resonates with consumers at these industry events.