Kids and Family Research Research Division

Our Approach

Screen Engine/ASI approaches kids’ research with the individual respondent in mind. We recognize the way kids between the ages of 6 to 12 react to surveys and focus groups is very different from the way that teens and adults respond, therefore their research experience should also be different.

Our Expertise

Screen Engine/ASI’s Kids and Family account teams are experts in this specialization, having done extensive quantitative and qualitative work specifically in the areas of:

  • concept, content, and creative testing
  • consumer and market insights
  • ad sales and monetization studies
  • brand and content tracking studies
  • biometrics studies and more

Our Experience

The Screen Engine/ASI Kids and Family account teams also have decades of experience working with almost all every major global kids and family media/entertainment brand across such companies as Disney, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Mattel, Warner Bros and numerous independent producers of kids’ content, including some that are also global.

Our Team

Bruce Friend, Chief Product and Innovation Officer:

Bruce has pioneered research innovation in the areas of Film, TV, Gaming, the Internet for kids and family research, starting at the Disney Channel in the mid-80s as head of research there. Bruce then moved on to head up global Research at Nickelodeon from 1995 to 2001, where working with both the Universities of Massachusetts and Alabama, conducted all the formative and summative research during the development of the groundbreaking preschool program, Blues Clues. In 2003 Bruce started the Kids and Family Research practice as President of OTX Research, and then in 2010, as President of Ipsos/OTX MediaCT.

Aaron Paquette, Executive Vice President

With more than two decades of experience in kids and family media research, Aaron actively manages the team’s current product lines and develops new revenue streams to better serve clients. His background spans content testing, marketing evaluation, tracking, brand health, and consumer insights/trends, and he focuses on building deep relationships through his collaborative approach to finding innovative solutions.

Christina Parrish, Executive Vice President

Christina brings over a decade of entertainment experience. She has worked extensively with domestic and international studios and networks, providing insight throughout the program lifecycle, and has done substantial work in the areas of media consumption trends, promo and creative testing, marketing strategy, and concept testing.

Erin Leigh, Vice President

Erin has over a decade of experience in entertainment research, with a special emphasis on children and family content. She has consulted on thousands of pilots with top children’s entertainment networks and studios and provided strategic guidance for her clients throughout the green-lighting and series development process. Erin specializes in content testing, promo/concept testing, series maintenance, as well as brand personality marketing and psychographics.

Her background in child developmental psychology plays a significant role in her passion for children and family content research. She has a BA in Psychology from UCLA and a Master of Science in Human Behavior from USC. At UCLA her focus was on applied behavior analysis among children, and at USC her master’s thesis focused on, “The Role of Children’s Self-Concept on Brand Preference: Implications for Aspirational Brand Positioning in Advertising.”

Todd Amoroso, Vice President

Over 20 years of experience in media & entertainment research, with an emphasis on brand health tracking as well as television, sports, live events and kids’ research. Prior to joining SE/ASI, he worked at Maru/Matchbox, Vision Critical and Ipsos where he oversaw custom research and content testing for many of the companies’ kids and family brand clients.