International Testing - Film

Screen Engine/ASI regularly provides international entertainment companies with research to help them with decisions related to production changes and marketing strategies. Extensive research has been conducted in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Central and South America, and includes:

  • Recruited audience screenings
  • Positioning studies
  • Exit polling
  • Creative advertising materials testing
  • Screen Experts* (confidentially collected film critic response, conducted prior to press screenings)

Our consulting teams in foreign markets are available to service clients on a local level and have access to the vast database and interpretative talent and experience at the Century City headquarters. Knowledge of the complex international media marketplace is key to finding effective solutions, and Screen Engine/ASI offers our clients expert resources in all areas.

*Currently offered exclusively in London, UK. Between 10 and 20 accredited critics and entertainment journalists are gathered to view a film, or are given a password-protected link to view online. All participants sign non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from writing or commenting on the film until it is officially debuted for critical review. Following the screening, the journalists complete in-depth questionnaires that provide their ratings of the film on a 100-point scale, assessments of the elements and the performances, willingness to endorse it to their constituencies, and their observations and opinions regarding award potential.