Focus Groups Film

Focus groups provide a forum for understanding how the target audience responds to content, and to hear “real world” voices express opinions and feelings. An experienced moderator leads a discussion group that consists of specific members of an audience segment. Their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes about the content, advertising, products and ideas are considered and assessed to help provide insights into strategies and executions.

Focus groups are unique in that they provide immediate and visceral reactions unavailable in quantitative research. Tone of voice, body language and degree of enthusiasm or rejection are all factored into the overall analysis.

The skill of the moderator is essential to a successful focus group, and Screen Engine/ASI CEO Kevin Goetz provides experienced leadership to a professional team adept at identifying the personalities in each individual session and customizing questions designed to generate the maximum actionable information.

From the de-brief immediately following each group to a full, deep dive into the details and nuances of every group, our Screen Engine/ASI analysts and executives work closely with our clients to gather the insights and identify what is working and not working for consumers. We provide a path for our clients to follow in order to leverage the opportunities and overcome any challenges.