Engine 360° (Media Optimization & TV Spot Rotation)

Engine 360° (Media Optimization and TV Spot Rotation Research)

Demographics are no longer sufficient in guiding most entertainment marketing plans. The infinite number of media choices require a more refined planning tool. Engine 360° is that tool, offering an unmatched ability to identify “prime prospects” and link them to specific media consumption and actionable behaviors/attitudes.

A 50,000-member panel environment informs where to most effectively place off-network advertising. The tool reports on all traditional measures including media consumption behavior, online behavior, home entertainment behavior, gaming behavior, retail preferences, brand loyalties, social networks and purchasing habits.

The ability to leverage from this panel has significant value within the home entertainment space. This research provides a unique planning tool for media planning and buying; to optimize media spend and TV spot rotation on key home video releases, and inform where to most effectively place off-network advertising.

An online survey of 3,000 panelists selected from Engine 360° panel of 50,000 members are exposed to 3-5 television spots for the home entertainment release of a title. The results clearly identify those with definite interest in purchasing a home entertainment title and reveal TV spot rotation rankings and the effectiveness of each spot in reaching the target audience.