Engine 360

Engine 360 uses a unique creative advertising material testing system that ties creative performance directly to media, promotions and publicity in a way never before possible. Using a 30,000 person panel, Engine 360 testing:

  • Determines the behavior and attitudes of the best audience prospects, with unprecedented precision
  • Prioritizes media preferences using the 360 Prime Prospect Rating, (USE LOGO) a method of quantifying those individuals most likely to see the film
  • Matches creative execution to media vehicles that generate highest “definite” interest, thereby optimizing creative rotations
  • Generates audience behavior data to develop the most effective promotional and publicity plans

Created by Screen Engine/ASI, Engine 360 is the only testing system available today that measures awareness, interest and intent not only by demographic quadrants, but by lifestyle, behavior and attitudes as well. Engine 360 generates a comprehensive behavioral portrait that is unique to individual creative execution. This revolutionary system provides more than 1000 lifestyle, attitude and behavioral measures, including nearly 300 network, cable and syndicated TV programs, along with mobile, digital, social media, streaming venues and radio. For the first time, advertisers can define, plan and buy all media against a custom tailored and focused behavioral target with the greatest likelihood of responding. It helps deliver a deeper understanding of prime target prospects and moves marketing beyond efficiency to effectiveness. Engine 360 minimizes wasted impressions, and makes every dollar spent count.