Creative Testing

Creative Testing

Creative advertising concepts are critical to an upcoming campaign and title releases. Using well-established methods, Screen Engine/ASI conducts online in-depth surveys to evaluate creative executions of home entertainment releases. The purpose of the creative material testing is to provide insights to maximize the package art, television spots and trailers to measure persuasiveness and effectiveness in preparation for the home entertainment release.

Screen Engine/ASI provides a broad range of methods to measure the level of interest in choosing to purchase a title by identifying:

  • Lift in purchase intent based on the creative concepts (image or video)
  • Forced choice on creative executions of creative material
  • Likes/Dislikes of specific concepts
  • Celebrity appeal in purchase intent
  • Degree of plot and scene clarity
  • Likelihood to recommend through social media
  • Readiness and urgency in viewing digitally

Screen Engine/ASI offers up enhanced and innovative methodologies to uncover advertising effectiveness to guide the campaign including:


  • Hotspot tools for mapping important elements that are liked, disliked, attention-grabbing, unclear, funny etc…
  • Virtual shelves for measuring the ability to stand out on a shelf at retail across bricks and mortar, and online

TV Spot and Trailers

  • Clutter Testing to measure “real world” recall and efficacy of TV spots or trailers and their performance within a cluster of other advertisements
  • Hybrid Creative Testing (Dial Testing) g to measure engagement in real time, as consumers view spots/trailers to determine purchase intent