Creative Advertising Testing

Trailers, TV spots, one-sheets, on-air promos and other creative advertising materials being considered for a campaign are viewed by specifically targeted audience(s) to measure their persuasiveness and effectiveness in driving theater attendance for a movie.

Using well-established benchmarks, Screen Engine/ASI provides an accurate analysis of many measures including the level of interest or disinterest in choosing to see a film by identifying:

  • The storylines with greatest appeal
  • The most-liked and least-liked characters
  • Degrees of plot clarity
  • Scene salience
  • Memorable music selections
  • Urgency and excitement to see the film
  • Likelihood to discuss/tweet/blog/post comments on social media
  • Propensity to seek out more information and the actions they might take
  • Readiness to buy a ticket or view digitally

Screen Engine/ASI presents findings in a dynamic, visual, quick-read format that provides all of the basic metrics of advertising effectiveness, plus more innovative measures such as intensity of interest, perceptions of coolness, and influence upon social discussion. Our analysts then work closely with clients to review the findings and suggest additional ways to guide the campaign.